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Story from The July 2nd, 1996 Country Weekly.  

 'Janis Gill's hometown respects her. If only her horse would learn to do the same.'

  Janis and her sister Kristine Arnold, better known as Sweethearts of the Rodeo, proudly accepted their invitations to serve as honorary leaders of the Rotary Club Rodeo parade in Franklin, Tenn.., recently.

 Attired in their finest western wear (from the Franklin clothing store they own), the sisters rode past the Confederate soldier monument and down Highway 96 to the park where the rodeo would take place.

 "The horses are a little skittish, because the band is scaring them," noted Janis, who lives a little north of Franklin with her husband, country tenor Vince Gill.

 Janis' concern about her horse, Billy, was well-founded. Billy stepped on Janis' chaps just after she dismounted, sending her sprawling.

 No one was hurt- and Janis laughed it off. Kristine also saw the positive side: "That would make a great picture for our Fan Club."

©Country Weekly 1996. ~Photos © Libba Gillum.



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