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Is there an official Sweethearts website?

   At this time there is not an official website for the sweethearts, however there is a official site for Janis

When are the Sweethearts going to release new music?

  In the past there has been mention of a new album, at present there has been no official word as to when they will record or release anything.

     I heard that Janis is releasing a solo album?

  Janis herself as made mention of this. However no release date has been announced.

Are the Sweethearts going to tour again?

  There has been no official word on a tour.

 How can I contact by e-mail or snail mail the Sweethearts?

There is no official address to contact the sweethearts.

 Is there somewhere that I can discuss the sweetheart’s music and meet other fans?

 There is an AOL club for aol members only that is setup, find out more details at Ken Arnolds “Sweetheart's of the Rodeo:” website..  There is also a Yahoo! Group, which was setup in conjunction with this site. You must have a yahoo! Id to access the group. Anyone is welcome to join either group.

 Where can I find Lyrics to my favorite songs?

    The following Lyrics site has lyrics to some of the sweetheart’s songs. If you are looking for a particular lyric, try posting in one of the clubs/groups and perhaps someone may be able to share the lyric with you.

 I would like to submit photos, magazine articles..etc to your website. How can I do this?

Send an e-mail to subject line should include the title of what you are sending.

 Is there an official mailing list I can join or somewhere that I can get updates about the sweethearts or this website?

   There is no official mailing list at this time. However you can join this site yahoo! group for updates about the sweethearts from fans and also updates regarding this website.

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