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  Welcome! Discover the amazing sound of Janis and Kristine, The Sweethearts of the Rodeo!
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Cover Image

Cover Image

Beautiful Lies 1996

1. When Love Comes Around The Bend 
2. Beautiful Lies    
3. When The Morning Comes
4. Catch The Wind
5. I'll Pass Over Thee
6. I Won't Cry
7. The Inn At Innisfree
8. I know Who You Are
9. Pretty Words
            Buy Now!           10. One More Night
                                   11. Muleskinner Blues

Rodeo Waltz 1993

1. Get Rhythm 
2. Long Time Gone
3. Things Will Grow
4. Hoping That You're Hoping
5. Jenny Dreamed Of Trains
6. Brand New Tennessee Waltz 
7. Bluegrass Boy
8. Please Help Me I'm Falling
9. Deep River Blues 
          Buy Now!           10. There One Morning
                                    11. Steel Rail Blues
                                    12. Broken Arrow

Sisters 1992

1. Why Should I Stay Blue 
2. Hard-Headed Man
3. I Don't Stay Down For Long
4. Man Of My Dreams
5. A Woman Can Tell (Every Time)
6. Have I Done Enough
7. Devil and Your Deep Blue Eyes
8. (Our Love is Like) Silver and Gold  
9. Be Good To Me
                                     10. Watch Me Run
                                     11. Sisters (Best of Friends)

Buffalo Zone 1990

1. Uphill All The Way
2. He Doesn't Tell Me Anything 
3. You Look At Love That Way
4. This Heart
5. Hard Road To Go 
6. What It Does To Me
7. Blue Sky
8. I Don't Want To Know 
                                      9. Don't Wake Me Up
         Buy Now!            10. Como Se Dice (I Love You )  

One Time, One Night 1988

1. Satisfy You
2. Blue to the Bone
3. We Won't Let That River Come Between Us
4.So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
5. Don't Look Down  
6. One Time, One Night 
7. You Never Talk Sweet  
8. I Feel Fine
9. If I Never See Midnight Again 
                                      10. Gone Again
            Buy Now!             11. Until I Stop 

Sweethearts of the Rodeo 1986

1. Midnight Girl/Sunset Town
2. Hey Doll Baby
3. Since I Found You
4. Gotta Get Away
5. Chains of Gold
6. Chosen Few

7. Everywhere I Turn
8. I Can't Resist


            Buy Now!

Anthology 2000

1. Hey doll baby
2. Since I found you
3. Midnight girl/sunset town 
4. Chains of gold
5. Gotta get away
6. Satisfy you
                           7. Blue to the bone 
                           8. I feel fine
                           9. If I never see midnight again
                           10. This heart 
                           11. Hard headed man
                           12. Devil and your deep blue eyes 
                           13. One time, one night
                           14. Chosen few
                           15. So sad to watch good love go bad
                           16. Sisters
                           17. A woman can tell (everytime)
                           18. Why should I stay blue 
                           19. Our love is like silver and gold             

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